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28th Meeting of the Heads of PES (23-24 June 2011, Budapest, Hungary)
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Unemployment benefit
 Tasks related to the unemployment benefit of migrant workers
SUMMARY Tasks related to the unemployment benefit of MIGRANT workers [WORD 58KB]
Self-employment and unemployment benefits under the Austrian Unemployment Insurance Act [POWERPOINT 68KB]
The Danish unemployment insurance [WORD 190KB]
Unemployment benefits for the self- employed in EC Law – Incentives for discussion [POWERPOINT 112KB]
Self employed persons (Slovakia) [POWERPOINT 520KB]
Coordination of unemployment benefits in Poland [POWERPOINT 118KB]
Exchange of information between Member States [POWERPOINT 149KB]
Unemployment insurance for self-employed persons (Denmark) [WORD 57KB]
Social security – persons covered (Sweden) [POWERPOINT 564KB]